Monday, July 17, 2023

Spirit Charge

Hey everyone. I’m back and going to desperately try to get back into writing and finishing these half done posts for y’all. I originally started writing this months ago, so I'm just leaving the intro I already had. 

Hello my dearest readers. How has life been treating you? Things are rocky right now for me, considering how school is and learning how to be a part of society again. On the upside though, I can finally go to shows and concerts! After the failed attempt back in July, there was an event at Cafe Iguana.

It was Noche Contra Corriente with Ozymandia, Spirit Charge, Misión Kepler and Circus Circus. I had already seen Misión Kepler when they opened for Allison pre-pandemic. Spirit Charge opened for a Linkin Park tribute some time before that. The other two bands were amazing as well, I even got a shirt and signed CD from Ozymandia. Though the guy’s energy definitely wasn’t what i was expecting. 😅 This post is pretty much  going to be about Spirit Charge from this moment forward.

When I first saw them live I had no idea who they were, I briefly checked on who was opening that night, but didn’t go past the name. Turns out they are amazing and I love them now. It was this odd sensation of something clicking into place, or like a firework going off in my brain. I made sure I got a t-shirt and CD that night.

I feel as if I can’t accurately describe what they sound like, maybe something around alternative industrial rock with some electronic mixed in? Either way, they caught my attention with the performance they gave, because it was “weird” and different compared to what I already knew. They make me feel safe in the weirdness I’ve always been and express and there are a few songs that I absolutely love. Maybe some day I'll get to see Rhetoric and Balanced live.

I’ve met the band and seen them a couple of more times since then, but that night at Contra Corriente stands out to me for a very specific reason. 

I went to their merch table to ask if they had any shirts in a bigger size, and instead of just saying they didn’t have any, one of the guys (who I now know are Dan and JP) runs off and brings back Mason, who I had previously met at another event. It was this band market type thing for them to sell merch and some played short sets. All four of us in my family went to spend the day out and that’s when I (and my mom, being much more social than me), chatted with him for a little bit. At this point we knew he wasn’t from here and that the band started in Canada. Which leads back to the merch table thing. 

He started speaking in Spanish to me, so obviously he didn’t remember me (until I mentioned meeting him before), but it was slightly internally shocking hearing the way he spoke, with a heavy accent. After leaving the table I asked the friend that went with me if that's how I sound and they said yes, pretty much.

In Acuña me and my family were friends with other Americans, but from what I can remember, none of them ever had a heavy accent like I do. The adults that were married to a Mexican or the kids that were in my same situation. Even my own brother doesn't have an accent from English being his first language. 

I know that some of you that read this have probably struggled learning the language and having an accent too, or watched your kids struggle the same way I do. Years of being made fun of, mocked, told I’m not Mexican enough, that I’m a gringa (which isn't a slur, I just don't like it because I am Mexican), asked every night I'm out working where I'm from, it's exhausting. And then there’s this person here that seemingly has integrated themselves into this community, was accepted as he is and sounds just like me? It gave me a bit of hope that I’ll get that someday too and not hate and feel so insecure about my accent.

For anyone else this may seem like such a small thing that I’m blowing out of proportion, but all of y’all that have been through it too will get it. 

I feel like I gave a big run around just to get to that point, but oh well. 😂

Spirit Charge is an amazing band with great music and the nicest guys I’ve met. I can't wait for the new EP to come out. Here’s their latest single Demon, so you can check them out, and feel free to leave me a comment with what you think.

Stay hydrated, stay safe, take care of yourself. <3 

(There is no creative title related to a song this time, cause I can’t pick one.)