Wednesday, December 12, 2018

My Purpose.

   Hello everybody. How have you all been? My first post was, in short terms, my story. The story of how I had to pick between two sides of me and how that decision has changed me.
   The purpose of me doing this blog is to use my story, my experiences, my struggles of this huge life change is to (hopefully) give hope to others in a situation like mine and show them that everything works out in the end. The name The Hurt, The Hope came from a song by the band As It Is. This song itself is about how self-harm is not only causing physical harm to one's self in the ways that most of us think of, but it is also drug abuse, alcoholism, anything that one could use against themselves to cause damage. I thought of something else. In English, my name means hope, so from there, when I hear this song I think of myself, the hurt that I and many others have gone through and how I want to give hope to all of those people.
   One day I might post about how my class in school annoy the hell out of me, or maybe about me learning a new word that I didn't understand before. The next I might write about my favorite band and low-key fangirl about how they're coming to Mexico and then complain about how the show is in Mexico City. I just might write about the unjustness that some of us suffer from because of our situations and give my point of view on whatever problems may be happening in the U.S.

Everything goes.
  I've felt for a while now that I have a voice that I want to be heard. Even if it means screaming over the crowds with something as bold and public as this blog. This is something I never would have done had it not been for some key people in my life that inspire me on a daily bases. So I leave you with this:
Don't be afraid to be heard.
But also respect other peoples opinions. I felt the need to remind you all of this because there are so many people in this world that do not fully comprehend the weight of words.

And never forget, it is completely okay not to be okay.
Goodbye, for now, dear friends.

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